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Two Komen runs = double the support

There are so many double entendres I could use, but I leave that for the comments.rftc_nav_hdr_rftc_logo

We’ve had a team (Komen Get It) for four years in the Houston Komen run. My wife started it with Sue whose lost her mother and a cousin to breast cancer, and my son has run it with me for the last three.

Times change. Sue moved to Denver, my son is off to college (but still doing work for two charities at UTA), and Audrey is out of town.

Solution: my wife says it is simple:
- Larry runs 5K Houston Komen run with running buddy Bert (should be dog slow since we’ve been training for the SA half marathon);
- Larry flies to Denver, meets beautiful wife;
- Larry and Lee do 5K Denver Komen run (should be dog slow since they have like mountains and stuff up there), Audrey, Sue and a cast of others do 5K Denver walk and gab;
- Larry et al celebrate with many adult bevvies.

I signed up too late to have an online Houston Komen page (perhaps it wasn’t as simple as originally planned, but if you would like to donate, Click here to visit my Denver Komen page or you can donate to the Houston Komen at running buddy Bert’s page.


1993 Silver Oak and a Special Occasion

My wife had purchased two magnums of 1993 Silver Oak Alexander Valley 1993 Silver Oak Alexander Valleyseveral years ago. One we gave to our friend Monte for his birthday, one she gave to me to save for a special occasion. (more…)


Komen Run: the old man does 5K under 25 minutes

For the 2nd year in a row, we did the Susan Komen Race for the Cure, a 5K run or walk or Josh at Komensleep-in (depending on your disposition). My son and I ran, raised money and had a generally good though hectic time (he needed to be back at the high school for a band contest very soon after the race was over).

img00056.jpgThe race was once again in downtown Houston. Several buildings still had plywood or plastic sheets covering the windows. But it was a blue sky day, low temps for Houston, excellent running conditions. The release of the birds for those that had lost their fight with the cancer was right before the race, a moving piece to contemplate why we were there. It made my son and I both think about the conditions, so soon after Hurricane Ike.

My brother (Mr. “Boston Marathoner”) had been ed-u-ma-cating me on interval training and also on the mental aspects of running. He noticed from my times that I was running the first half faster than the second, and suggested that I start slow and finish strong. This helped in my training, so I employed it in the Komen run, with the help of my trusty nike+iPod gadget (which I cannot recommend enough as a training aide).

I put together a mix of songs that would (in theory) start me out at a normal (read: non-aggressive in typical Larry fashion) pace and would pick up halfway through.

The mix:
- Feel Good Time by Pink: nice and slow, so I would not overrun myself.
- Time Stand Still by Rush; building up, but still slow enough. Great lyrics, I was singing and running.
- Papercut by Linkin Park; a song from my son, got my pumped for the rest of the race.
- Jailhouse Rock by ZZ Top (live!); excellent beat, got me moving faster.
- Beat It (Fallout Boy with Jon Meyer); made me smile, since this is another track I got from my son but he didn’t know it was a Michael Jackson remix. That almost turned him from the song, but it’s an excellent running song.
- 3′s and 7′s (Queens of the Stone Age); from a Lance Armstrong interval training mix, the beat moves your feat on the faster intervals.
- Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue live); it is hard not to sprint when this one comes on. As with last year, the end of the race goes under an overpass on Allen Parkway, so you are coming up a hill at the end of the race (after training in flat Houston!). This song pushed me through the hill.
- Cult of Personality (Living Color); got me over the finish line.

Depending on my iPod or the Komen race clock, I was either just over 25 or just under. Close enough for my goals, I had been finishing my training runs around 25:30. My son, who stayed out the night before playing in the band at the football game, did well too.

Baltimore Book Festival

Baltimore Book Festival courtesy of Brad/AuthorsBookShop

My book is sold through many avenues, and one of the most promising and intriguing is Baltimore Book FestivalAuthor’s BookShop, an effort by Brad Grochowski to feature and promote independent authors. Brad works diligently on behalf of independent authors, promoting indie publishing in any forum that he can.

Brad will have Author’s Bookshop and my novel, Dusk Before the Dawn, at the Baltimore Book Festival, September 26 – 28. If you are in or near Baltimore, drop in and say hello to Brad.

Ike 1, Tomballians 1

Sitting here in the dark, reading by candlelight (and typing on my blackberry) and drinking some white wine (we have to, of course, because the power is out)…

…With my family.
…In my house.

So all in all, we’ll call it a tie.

Ike took out about 100 feet of fence in my backyard, one tree amd three leaky windows. Power has been out since 2:30am and may be out for quite a while.

But we are safe, and making the best, laughing, reading, telling jokes. My wife has a high ranking in gin online, but I kicked her butt with real cards.

Could have been a lot worse.

Coldisole Rooso Di Montalcino

Wine in the Woodlands

Wine, food and my wife….three of my favorite things, a gluttony triple-header! Coldisole Rooso Di Montalcino

My wife and I were invited to a couple of the final events of Wine and Food week in the Woodlands. The Waterford by Robert Mondavi Seminar and the Wine Rendezvous Grand Tasting & South American Chef Showcase. I found some great wines to add to my everyday list (I’m too impatient to keep much of a cellar, though I do have some Silver Oak, Amarone and my wife’s Cristal Champagne put back), had some excellent South American food and only had one incident of “red wine on the white clothing spillage”. (more…)

More Vegas: Bellagio Dancing Waters

After the break, a video of the entire Bellagio Hotel Dancing Waters sequence in the daylight, with a rainbow no less, from our last trip. Not as good as the Elton John concert, but a classic as well. (more…)

USS William M Wood

the other “me” was on the USS William M Wood

I have a very unique name. I thought I was the only one in the world. But I found out IUSS William M Woodassumed incorrectly in a very interesting way.

About two years ago, I started getting the newsletters from the USS William M Wood Association. The Association is very active, just had a great reunion in Branson…I wasn’t there.

The Wood was named after William Maxwell Wood, MD, the 1st Surgeon General of the US Navy, a hero of the War with Mexico, credited with “Saving California” for the US; also serving during the Seminole War, the second Opium War, and the Civil War. (more…)


geek job #11: Computer Jock for the LHC

The teams I’ve worked on have managed some incredibly large data centers. But I haveCERN LHC some serious geek envy for the dudes running the computing and network infrastructure for CERN’s Large Haldron Collider.

In case you’ve been sleeping in a scientific vacuum, you know that that the Large Haldron Collider (LHC) is where big bucks meets particle physics. To says that it is “big” is using small words for, well, big things:

  • it is the most expensive science experiment, with a budget of close to $6 billion; the cost is so massive that it is almost an all or nothing bet many countries have put such a large percentage of their science budget into the LHC that there may not be funds for other experiments until past 2010; (more…)
American Shaolin

bookrev: American Shaolin by Matthew Polly

Almost every martial artist has some wayward fantasy or frequent daydream aboutAmerican Shaolin dropping out of life and dropping into the Shaolin Temple, to emerge some undetermined time later as a well-tuned, philosophy spouting fighting machine. Matthew Polly did just that, leaving his junior year from college and heading to China in 1992.

My expectation of this book was that this would be a martial arts, culture clash and personal transformation story. And it was certainly all three and more. In addition, drinking games, language, sex (or at least attempts), “the sixth race”, the Chinese Triads and other topics are intertwined with this very enjoyable story. (more…)

Re-reading MSandT

Re-reading Tad William's Memory, Sorrow and Thorn

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Dusk Before the Dawn

Dusk Before the Dawn

Software By the Kilo

Software by the Kilo


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