movrev – V for Vendetta

3 stars: Predictable, but well done

“V for Vendetta” has a very predictable plot, but is visually well done, with good acting (or voice over?) by Hugo Weaving as V. Stephen Rea also does an excellent job as Chief Inspector Finch.

A number of the minor actors (esp. Stephen Fry as Dietrich and Tim Pigott-Smith) bring great acting to very stereotypical roles (Pigott-Smith as the feeling-less super bad guy, very Herman Goering-ish, Fry as the only person our heroine can turn to).

Unfortunately the plot is a repeat of other plots and books that set a formerly democratic government up as oppressive “for the public’s own good” and personal freedoms get taken away almost without people noticing. Eventually a victim of the government (in this case, V) performs daring acts to get the people to think about standing up to what should be “their” government.

A little too much propaganda-ish at the end, though I did like who the V character was shown to be both hero and villan in the eyes of Evey, the heroine. More of that would have made the plot interesting.

Worth watching once.

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