Asteroid impact via Google Maps

With news of asteroid 2009 DD45 near-miss of the Earth, what better time for a tool that shows the impact implications? Carlos Labs has released Ground Zero, where you can pick your location and, by selecting the type of approxiamate devastation causer (pick from Asteroid impact to the nukes dropped during WWII) you’ll be shown a Google map of the destruction area.

Gives a new meaning to “mash-up”, don’t it?

Just remember, be prepared, and make sure your next living location is outside the blast zone! Click here for the Thinking Man’s Guide to the End of the World.

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  1. Interesting. During college, I helped the physics department at my school with a simulation, the topic “thermal effects of a nuclear attack over Puerto Rico”. But I did that almost 20 years ago! In BASIC! It was a graphical simulation, pretty cool for the time. But different from the simulation above, my simulation also took into consideration the altitude of the explosion, which will have a tremendous effect on how head is spread out…


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