bookrev: Passage to Dawn by R. A. Salvatore

3 stars: Very predictable, but pulls in some interesting new characters

After ten books (three in the dark elf trilogy, three in the icewind dale trilogy and four in the legacy of the drow series), the characters are becoming familiar and the interaction and culture of the races are known quantities. Unfortunately, the plots are becoming pretty familiar as well.

Salvatore delivers as always with his battle sequences, where his writing is always well done (makes me wonder if he physically steps through the fighting himself so as to better write it). This book also contains time on the ship Sea Sprite, and battles with pirate ships, which are well done. I also enjoyed the new characters of the wizard Cadderly and his wife Danica, although their appearance was short.

But bringing back the Crystal Shard, Ertuu (who we knew from the previous few books was going to have to make a return appearance) and the bringing of a main character back from the dead makes for a fairly predictable plotline.

I know people who have read the entire series (which at this point is seven more books), but I have to question what additional events and devices can be brought into this series to make it interesting and enjoyable. If characters die, except on soap operas they should stay dead.

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  1. January 30, 2008

    […] previous book (Passage to Dawn) ended with Wulfgar being rescued from the demon Urtuu. One of the best features of this new book […]

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