tunrev: Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds at Radio City

Dave Matthews and Tim ReynoldsThe dynamic due put together a phenomenal acoustic album, for Dave and Tim fans, DMB fans and accessible to music lovers of all genres

Yes, I’m a Dave Matthew’s fanboy. I purchased both the CD, the DVD and bought early so I would get the extra Europe 07 CD (my wife and I met Monte and Margaret from Munich in Oxford, UK to see the boys, and I’m sure I can hear the girls screaming on those tracks).

UPDATE: Since many folks have asked, I’ve started adding links to the lyrics on the DMB site.

I’ve had this album since it first came out, and have worn it our on road trips around Texas…maybe it’s the reason my iPod disc drive crashed (just in time for Christmas…hmmmm). Why should you own this album? The Dave Letterman Matthews Top Ten:

10) It’s a technically better recording than the previous effort by the duo, Live at Luther College (except I still like the version of #41 on that album best); in that release, you could barely hear Tim’s guitar playing, except on his solo. It was as if they focused all the microphones on Dave’s singing and guitar. This time it sounds like they gave Tim a track all to himself, and you can really get a feel for….

9) ….Tim Reynold’s mastery of the guitar;

8) DMB material recorded since Live at Luther College is included, with tracks from Everyday and Stand UP (Old Dirt Hill);

7) the pair, having played together for a long time now, are blended so well and the music is tight;

6) it includes material from Dave’s Some Devil LP;

5) jamming out on Crush, Save Me, too many other to list;

4) the best Dancin’ Nancies version!!! Those great Dave lyrics:

Sing and dance I’ll play for you tonight
And thrill at it all
Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes
But I’ll work it out

3) good rendition of Neil Young’s Down by the River!

2) fanboys ordering early from The Warehouse got the Europe07 CD, which includes eight tracks recorded on the European tour, including an excellent version of Smooth Rider, and..

1) …if you listen closely, you can hear me, Monte, Margaret and Audrey cheering on the Oxford tracks on the Europe 07 bonus CD!!!!!

Track List (Studio Album, artist)

  1. Bartender (Busted Stuff, DMB) *Lyrics*
  2. When the World Ends (Everyday, DMB) *Lyrics*
  3. Stay or Leave (Some Devil, Dave)
  4. Save Me (Some Devil, Dave)
  5. Crush (Before These Crowded Streets, DMB) *Lyrics*
  6. So Damn Lucky (Some Devil, Dave)
  7. Gravedigger (Some Devil, Dave)
  8. The Maker (I haven’t found on any DMB recordings, it is on Daniel Lanois’ “Rockets” and “Acadie” CD’s)
  9. Old Dirt Hill (Stand Up, DMB) *Lyrics*
  10. Eh Hee (new)
  11. Betrayal (Tim Reynolds, can’t find the album…anyone?)
  12. Out of My Hands (Stand Up, DMB) *Lyrics*
  13. Still Water (another Daniel Lanois)
  14. Don’t Drink the Water (Before These Crowded Streets, DMB) *Lyrics*


  1. Oh (Some Devil, Dave)
  2. Cornbread (new)
  3. Crash Into Me (Crash, DMB) *Lyrics*
  4. Down By the River (Neil Young)
  5. You are my Sanity (Stream, Tim Reynolds)
  6. Sister (new, though it sounds familiar…)
  7. Lie in our Graves (Crash, DMB) *Lyrics*
  8. Some Devil (Some Devil, Dave)
  9. Grace is Gone (Busted Stuff, DMB) *Lyrics**
  10. Dancing Nancies (Under the Table and Dreaming, DMB) *Lyrics*
  11. #41 (Crash, DMB) *Lyrics*
  12. Two Step (Crash, DMB) *Lyrics*


  1. Satellite (Remember Two Things, Under the Table and Dreaming, DMB) *Lyrics*
  2. Say Goodbye (Crash, DMB) *Lyrics*
  3. I’ll Back You Up (Remember Two Things, DMB) *Lyrics*
  4. Can’t Stop (Live Trax 6, DMB)
  5. Smooth Rider (Stand Up, DMB) *Lyrics*
  6. Dodo (Some Devil, Dave)
  7. Everyday (Everyday, DMB) *Lyrics*
  8. Crash Into Me (Crash, DMB) *Lyrics*

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