Half-marathon training: Week 4

I have never run with a water bottle (ask Bert, I sponged off him during our training one season!). I’ve never enjoyed running with something that bounces (the iPod/iPhone in my pocket not withstanding). But due to the heat and the increase in mileage, I’ve got an Amphipod water bottle that by all reviews does not get in the way or  bother runners with the bouncing water. We’ll give it a go this feel.

Sunday: Target (Easy 8 miles) – 8 miles. Bottle belt worked well, took it slow and easy but still a difficult run. Longest distance since the New Orleans Half in early March. Beat the Houston rain storms.

Went to Dallas and ran around the Omni Hotel. Not far from the hotel, just around the man-made lake and across Royal Lane are the Campión Trails. Royal Lane hits right in the center of the park, giving me about three or four miles to chose from in either direction. The picture included is from a map I found of the connected trails.


Monday: Target (Easy 6 miles + hill sprints) – 6 miles. The miles are paying off. Running in Dallas, I didn’t find a suitable hill for hill sprints until mile 4. After I did the sprints, was able to increase the pace quite a bit on the way back. Went south (away from I-635) on the Campión Trails this run, all the way down to Bird’s Fort Trail Park.

Tuesday: Target (Fartlek 8 miles) – 7.5 miles. 21 miles this week already, which would have been a decent week on the old plan. Did the 35 sec Fartlek 10K pace pieces every ten minutes. Went north under I-635 on the Campion Trails this run. The north set of trails is called Sam Houston Trail Park, and features a nice view running along parts of the Trinity River.

Wednesday: Rest Day. Flying home from big D.

Thursday: Target (Easy 4 miles plus hill sprints) – No run. More rain in Tomball in history, including lightening. The creek in the gully where I normally run overflowed, and we had difficulty getting out of the subdivision.

Friday: Target (Progression 7 miles, last 10 min moderate)- Same problem, different day. One hour on the elliptical, hoping this rain doesn’t set back my training too much.

Saturday: Rest, and prepare for trip.

Totals this week: Target: 33 miles + hills; Actual: 21.5 plus elliptical miles . Last week: 29 miles.


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