Half-marathon training: Hanson’s Week 3

Week 3 has the same schedule as week 2 – five easy runs and two off days.

The previous week’s post (week 2) is here.

Week 3 schedule:

  • Monday:off day
  • Tuesday: easy 4 mi – EASY RUN 4.5 mi in 42.03, 9:17 pace, with negative splits. Dew point was still above 75, but felt great after last week and after the one day of rest. I should enjoy it, as there are not that many in the program. Also turned off the WiFi on the iPhone, seems like that makes for a bit more accurate tracking (according to the InterWebs).
  • Wednesday: off day
  • Thursday: easy 4 mi – EASY RUN 4.1 mi in 41:14, 9:59 pace. Left at 8:30am to go with my wife and son (who walk) but it was much to late, already nasty hot at 8:30.
  • Friday: easy 4 mi – EASY RUN 3.5 mi in 33:48, 9:39 pace. I’m a slow learner, again left at 9am due to some work issues…ran in the shade around the lake, but still too damn hot.
  • Saturday: easy 4 mi – EASY RUN 4.5 mi in 42:13, 9:23 pace. Leaving before 7:30am makes a huge difference, negative splits with the last two miles at 9:12 pace…which is too quick for the training plan. A bit of beer the night before (Packers’ game!) but didn’t affect the work out.
  • Sunday: easy 5 mi – EASY RUN 5.25 mi in 51:48, 9:53 pace). Trying to run slow as per the training program, still did negative splits (the last two between 9:30 and 9:40)

The weather from this past week (past two weeks, in fact) has been nasty.

Weather in Tomball

Total recommended: 21 mi (4+4+4+4+5 easy)

Actual: 21.9 mi (4.5+4.1+3.5+4.5+5.25 easy), a bit less that last week.

Next week (week 4) is the last of the same schedule (5 easy and 2 off). I’ll be in Atlanta for part of it, and have booked a hotel near a park with some trails, so we shall see.

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