Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 10

This is the halfway point in the 18 week program, and I’ve found my second (?) mistake. I was looking for when the Sunday Easy runs turned into Sunday Long runs…and found that I was supposed to make that change in Week 7. Doh!

Actually, I wasn’t too far off. According to the pace chart, my Long Run pace should be 9:18. My last three were 9:42, 9:35 and 9:34. The irritating thing is that on this last Sunday’s run, I was actually trying to run slower. ARGH!

This week the speed run is 4×1200 on Tuesday (which I won’t screw up like last week), tempo run on Thursday  4 miles. It also has a 12 mile Long Run on Sunday. Total target mileage 42 miles.

The previous week’s log is here.

Week 10 schedule:

  • Monday:easy 6 mi – EASY RUN 6 mi in 56:35, 9:26 pace. Legs a bit tired, but according to the manual that is par for the course.
  • Tuesday: speed 4 x 1200 with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down – SPEED RUN 4.1 mi in 35:55, 8:46 pace. EASY RUN warm up 1.7 mi in 16:52, 9:56 pace; EASY RUN cool down 1.5 mi, 15:00, 10:00 pace. First Speed run, 12×400, I basically did 2 minutes at a 7:30 pace, with two minutes off. Then for the 8×600 run, I did 3 minute intervals. For this one, I should do 6 minutes at 7:30 pace with 3-4 minutes jog intervals.
    • Tired legs…but of course, the manual says to expect this
    • Pace on the intervals was a bit slower than I wanted it to be
    • Now off to Clearwater for work, should have some good runs. Saturday will be difficult because of travel/driving to SA for book signing.

    4 x 1200

    • Wednesday: off day
    • Thursday: Tempo Run 4 mi (with 1.5 easy warm up and cool down runs) – EASY RUN to warm up 1.5 mi in 15:04, 9:50 pace  TEMPO RUN 4 mi in 34:06, 8:31  pace, EASY RUN to cool down, 1.75 mi in 13:42, 7:51 pace (obviously a bit of a timing screwup). In Clearwater, ran through Safety Harbor, caught a great sunset along the harbor.

    Tempo Run 4 milesDeer on McCallister

    • Friday: easy 6 mi – EASY RUN 6 mi in 59:28, 9:55 pace. Pretty crappy run. Wanted to run across the new pedestrian bridge over the harbor along highway 60, but several problems with that – traffic, the smell on the swamp side, the rocky part of the road that hadn’t been fixed by construction…and the big gap over the water where the construction was currently. Had to turn back after 1.75 miles and run up McMullen Booth. The uneven road really messed up the knees.
    • Saturday: easy 5 mi – NO RUN Got up early to drive to San Antonio for a book signing. No opportunity for a run.
    • Sunday: LONG 12 mi – LONG RUN 10.5 mi in 1:40:25, 9:34 pace. Cool front came through, 65 degrees in the morning. Ran all over several trails in McAllister Park in San Antonio. Saw a LOT of deer.

    Long tun
    Plan total: EASY (6+3+3+5+6+10) = 33 miles + TEMPO 4  + 4 x 1200 (3 miles+rest intervals) =  40 miles

    Actual total: EASY (6+3.2+3.25+6+12) = 30.5 miles and TEMPO 4 miles + SPEED 4×1200 (4.1 miles) =  38.6 miles

    I was entertained by Today in iOS podcast (lots about iOS 8 and Bending iPhones) plus listening to Beatles getting ready to see Ringo Starr!!

    Next week, week eleven, has a 6×1 mile Strength run (need to read up on that) and the Tempo run goes to 5 miles.

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