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Pikes Peak Ascent training – week 3

Week 3 has the same schedule as week 2 (previous week’s post here) – five easy runs and two off days. And both of the Hanson’s strategies (half and full) have the same distances (4 miles four days and 5 miles on one day).

This week moved from April into May, and in April I racked up 110 total miles. I feel like the longer distances are easier,  and assume it is because I’m going through the program a second time. But when I look back at the numbers, I did run quite a bit in the months before the first Hanson program.

The first time through the program, leading up to the December 7 SA Half Marathon, monthly totals were:

May 2014: 52 miles; June: 88; July: 100; August (first month of the program): 97; Sept:: 152; Oct: 187; Nov: 191: Dec: 76

This time:

January 2015: 32 miles; Feb: 44; March: 68; April (first month of the program): 110

I did a lot more “warming up” before the program last time, trying to make sure my knees could handle the six days out of seven running. And I did crash a bit after the first time through the program, reflected in the low January and February numbers.

I’ll update this periodically.

The previous week’s post (week 2) is here.

Week 3 schedule:

  • Monday: off day - EASY RUN 3.51 mi in 35:15 10:02 min/mi. Slow pace for two reasons – a really long run the Sunday before, a humid Houston day, and I was fiddling with a new running program, iSmoothRun, which I will be using going forward. I’ll write a longer post that compares it to MapMyRun, but the main reasons are accuracy and support for the upcoming intervals.
  • Tuesday: easy 4 mi - EASY RUN  5.44 mi in 51:32 9:29 min/mi, Last half marathon, I aimed for an 8:15 race pace; this time my goal is 8:00. Therefore, in the Hanson scheme, my easy pace should be between 9 and 10 min/mi.
  • Wednesday: off day
  • Thursday: easy 4 mi - EASY RUN 6.0 mi in 53:54 8:59 min/mi. A rare late April cool front made the running later in the week absolutely wonderful, low humidity and temps in the 50s-70s. Took this one a bit fast for what the program says.
  • Friday: easy 4 mi - off day. Sometimes life, work, roof inspectors and going to see the second Avengers movie gets in the way.
  • Saturday: easy 4 mi - EASY RUN 6.25 mi in 57:54 9:16 min/mi. A nice run followed by some slight brewery tours in Conroe (Southern Star and B-52) and ribs…plus a screening of Pitch Perfect, in advance of Pitch Perfect 2 with the Packers in it. I’m sure the beer and BBQ will help my long run tomorrow.
  • Sunday: easy 5 mi - EASY RUN 7.53 mi Run / Jog 1:11:32 1,037 kCal 9:30 min/mi During the run, felt fine, felt like I could keep going, and certainly did negative splits. But man did I feel exhausted later.

Total recommended: 21 mi (4+4+4+4+5 easy)

Actual: 28.7 mi (all easy), a bit less that last week. Last Hanson training week 3 was 21.9 miles

Next week (week 4) is the last of the same schedule (5 easy and 2 off). I’ll be in Clearwater M-W and San Antonio Th-Friday, so will put some flexibility into the schedule.


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