Doc Savage primer on SFSignal

My not so secret obsession with Doc Savage comes fully out of the closet cover(where I keep the books!) with the “Who is Doc Savage? (A Doc Savage Primer)” on I’ve read most of the stories as a kid, and am in the midst of a re-read of the series.

The article discusses:

  • The Publications
  • Doc and his team
  • The History and Influence
  • Favorite Doc Stories (a selection of a few from the 180+)
  • Future Doc Stories (planned new novels by Will Murray from the notes of original author Lester Dent)
  • For Further Reading (links to informative sites)

We are also planning:

  • a review of the audio CD’s “The Adventures of Doc Savage”
  • an interview with Doc cover artist Joe DeVito
  • an review of the new Docs, as soon as they are available.

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