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Death in Silver by Kenneth Robeson 0

Death in Silver by Kenneth Robeson

Paine L. Winthrop, President of Seaven Seas ship building company, is murdered, his office destroyed by a launched missile. Monk and Ham are in Monk’s lab in the same building, and go to investigate. They are ultimately taken captive...

A New Doc Savage novel 0

A New Doc Savage novel

After eighteen years, the publication of a new Doc Savage novel is finally on the horizon. The Desert Demons, written by Lester Dent and Will Murray writing as Kenneth Robeson, makes its debut in...

The King Maker (Doc Savage #80) 0

The King Maker (Doc Savage #80)

This is the 16th story in Street and Smith’s original publishing order and the first one not written entirely by Lester Dent (Harold A. Davis is co-author). This finishes a sprint of sorts, reading...

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