Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 12

CampionTrailsThis week the speed runs change to strength runs, this first one is 6 x 1 mile on Tuesday, tempo run on Thursday goes up to 5 miles. It also has a 10 mile Long Run on Sunday. Total target mileage 44.5 miles.

The previous week’s log is here.

Week 12 schedule:

  • Monday: Easy 5 mi – EASY RUN 5 mi in 45:27, 9:05 pace. Got out before the sunrise, left achilles was sore before I started, but felt good running and after. Obviously need to slow down, or re-evaluate my target pace.
  • Tuesday: Strength 4 x 1.5 mile with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down – STRENGTH RUN 7.5 mi in 1:04:45, 8:38 pace. EASY RUN warm up 1.5 mi in 14:37, 9:36 pace; NO cool down 0.75 mi, 7:27, 9:58 pace. According to the pace chart, I should be targeting 8:13-8:25 pace in these runs.
    • In Dallas for this one. The trail that runs along the Trinity Rive tributary (see map photo) is awesome.
    • Really felt good after the first two intervals, third one was quick, fourth one was hard.
    • Had to hurry to a meeting, so didn’t do the full cool down.

Strength Run 4x1.5 miles

  • Wednesday: off dayTempo Right Splits
  • Thursday: Tempo Run 5 mi (with 1.5 easy warm up and cool down runs) – EASY RUN to warm up 1.66 mi in 16:04, 9:40 pace  TEMPO RUN 5 mi in 41:32, 8:18 pace, EASY RUN to cool down, 1.36 mi in 13:16, 9:46 pace. Pace felt good (splits for this 5 mile run are to the right, pretty consistent), felt like I actually could have gone faster, but MUST STAY ON PACE.
  • Friday: easy 5 mi – EASY RUN 5.65 mi in54:29, 9:39 pace. Split the Friday/Saturday 11 miles easy runs into strange distances…don’t ask me why, it just felt right.
  • Saturday: easy 6 mi – EASY RUN 5.35 miles 49:01 at 9:10 pace. Really worried about pacing, especially when I run in the neighborhood at nothing more than a trot and the ole “Smart”phone says I’m doing my LONG RUN pace.
  • Sunday: LONG 12 mi – LONG RUN 12 mi in 1:51:00, 9:15 pace. Worked most of yesterday building a tree bench and removing brush, so my hamstrings really felt this one. I still had some juice at the end. Even though this was on pace with what the training entry says, it still felt slow…too slow, even…since it is the barometer distance, and, at that pace, I wouldn’t make my sub 1:40 goal. Gotta trust the system. Six weeks to go.

Long run 12

Plan total: EASY (5+3+3+6+5+12) = 33 miles + TEMPO 5 + 6 x 1 mile  =  44.5 miles

Actual total: EASY (5+2.25+3.25+6+5+12) = 32.95 miles and TEMPO 5 miles + 6 x 1 mile (6 miles) =  43.95 miles

Included running in Dallas and Houston.

Next week, week lucky number 13, has a 3 x 2 mile Strength run  and the Long run goes back to 10 miles.SmokeOnTheWater

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