Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 13

This week the strength run is a lovely 3 x 2 mile on Tuesday, tempo run on Thursday is 5 miles. It also has a 10 mile Long Run on Sunday. Total target mileage 45 miles.

The previous week’s log is here.

Week 13 schedule:

  • Monday: Easy 6 mi – EASY RUN 6 mi in 59:50, 9:58 pace. Jogging around the neighborhood lake/pond, listening to the “Security Now” podcast about Apple Pay. I’m not sure the dude got it all correct, as I’ve read there is a unique token for each transaction…but I was sweating at the time.
  • Tuesday: Strength 3 x 2 miles with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down – STRENGTH RUN 7 mi in 58:43, 8:23 pace. EASY RUN warm up 1.7 mi in 17:49, 10:31 pace; EASY RUN cool down 1.35 mi, 13:42, 10:11 pace. According to the pace chart, I should be targeting an 8:05-8:10 pace in these runs.The first two were relatively easy, the last one was a bitch. I maintained the pace I wanted with the help of my trusty metronome program, this time at 182 beats per minute.

Strength run 3x2 miles

  • Wednesday: off day. And I needed this one. Already up to 173 miles for the month of October and there are still days left in the month. This is by far the most I’ve ever run in one month. My knees and legs are a bit sore, but not painfully so. The normal Oct/Nov allergies are around, but so far they’ve just given me a bit of the sniffles, nothing that is impacting my running.IMG_0935
  • Thursday: Tempo Run 5 mi (with 1.5 easy warm up and cool down runs) – EASY RUN to warm up 1.6 mi in 16:08, 10:06 pace  TEMPO RUN 5 mi in 42:33, 8:33 pace, EASY RUN to cool down, 1 mi in 10:25, 10:25 pace. Of all of the runs thus far, this certainly ranks at the top of the “DO I REALLY HAVE TO RUN TODAY?” list. I had to get up early to attend a breakfast meeting in town, so ran at lunch time on a full stomach. Still maintained an 8:30ish pace, but last week’s pace was 15 seconds faster.
  • Friday: easy 6 mi – EASY RUN 6.75 mi in 1:05:18, 9:41 pace. Ran a bit farther, nice cool sunny day out so why not?
  • Saturday: easy 5 mi – EASY RUN 5 miles 46:54 at 9:22 pace. Cool enough finally that I had to pull out the long sleeve shirt! Really worried about pacing, especially when I run in the neighborhood at nothing more than a trot and the ole “Smart”phone says I’m doing my LONG RUN pace.
  • Sunday: LONG 10 mi – LONG RUN 10 mi in 1:29:02, 8:54 pace. Cool enough to wear sleeves and push the pace a bit. Felt like I could have gone further at the end.


Plan total: EASY (6+3+3+6+5+10) = 33 miles + TEMPO 5 + 3 x 2 miles  =  45 miles

Actual total: EASY (6+3+2.6+6.75+5+10) = 32.95 miles and TEMPO 5 miles + 3 x 2 mile (7 miles) =  44.95 miles

Next week, week number 14, has a 2 x 3 mile Strength run goes up to six miles  and the Long run goes back to 10 miles.IMG_0932

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